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Table 3 Description of ACHIEVE Intervention

From: Randomized trial of achieving healthy lifestyles in psychiatric rehabilitation: the ACHIEVE trial

Initial Intervention (Months 1 through 6)
Type of contacts Frequency
Group weight-management class led by interventionist (45 min.) Once per week
3 of 4 weeks
Individual visit with interventionist (15-20 min.) Once per month
Group physical activity class led by exercise leader/interventionist (50 min.) Three times per week
Weigh-in during weight management group and individual visit (2 min.) Once per week
Maintenance Intervention (Months 7 through 12)
Type of contacts Frequency
  Months 7 through 12 Months 13 through 18
Group weight management class
Overall frequency
Once per month Once per month
Led by interventionist Monthly Monthly
Individual visit with interventionist Every 4 weeks Every 4 weeks
Group physical activity class
Overall frequency
Three times per week Three times per week
Led by exercise leader/interventionist Twice per week Once per week
Monitored by rehab program staff Once per week Twice per week
Overall frequency
Twice per month Twice per month
With intervention staff Twice per month Twice per month
Core Components
Self-monitoring Weigh-ins, Tracker food/exercise log
Goal setting, feedback, problem solving Motivational interviewing and support at group and individual sessions
Social support Group and individual weight management sessions, group physical activity sessions
Skills training Weight management group sessions, physical activity sessions, individual sessions
Environmental supports Physical activity sessions, Staff education in health food choices on-site
Environmental contingencies/reinforcements incentive items for attendance, participation and specific behaviors