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Table 1 Key barrier themes and number of studies (n = 13) in which theme addressed

From: Perceived barriers and facilitators to mental health help-seeking in young people: a systematic review

# Barrier theme Number of studies
1 Public, perceived and self-stigmatising attitudes to mental illness 10
2 Confidentiality and trust 6
3 Difficulty identifying the symptoms of mental illness 5
4 Concern about the characteristics of the provider 5
5 Reliance on self, do not want help 5
6 Knowledge about mental health services 4
7 Fear or stress about the act of help-seeking or the source of help itself 4
8 Lack of accessibility, e.g., time, transport, cost 4
9 Difficulty or an unwillingness to express emotion 3
10 Do not want to burden someone else 2
11 Prefer other sources of help (e.g., family, friends) 2
12 Worry about effect on career 1
13 Others not recognising the need for help or not having the skills to cope 1