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Figure 2

From: Post-injection delirium/sedation syndrome in patients with schizophrenia treated with olanzapine long-acting injection, II: investigations of mechanism

Figure 2

Olanzapine plasma concentrations observed over time in PDSS events. The figure shows olanzapine plasma concentrations from the time of the injection associated with the PDSS event up to 72 hours after that injection. Olanzapine plasma concentration values plotted at time 0 hour (pre-injection) that anchor the concentration curves are either based on the patient's data for measurements made before other injections or are presumed to be approximately 20 ng/mL based on the general population's typical pre-injection concentration. Only the data after injection (samples collected beyond 0 hour) are actual measurements for samples collected for these events. Case numbers correspond to the cases presented in Detke et al [2].

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