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Table 3 Marker combinations at DAOA/G30 locus for association with disease in a polydiagnostic approach

From: The DAOA/G30 locus and affective disorders: haplotype based association study in a polydiagnostic approach

Diagnosis according to ICD 10 best marker combination Global P-value
Unipolar Depression rs1935058, rs947267, rs1935062, rs2391191, rs3916966, rs9558575 0.06
Bipolar Disorder rs1935058, rs1935062, rs2391191, rs3916966, 0.18
Diagnosis according to Leonhard best marker combination  
Monopolar Depression rs1935058, rs947267, rs2391191, rs3916966, rs9558575 0.036
Manic Depression rs1935062, rs2391191, rs3916966 0.022
  1. Global P-values according to the analysis with FAMHAP, adjusted for multiple testing.
  2. Best marker combination with the smallest unadjusted P-value.