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Table 1 Work style of ACT team compared to standard care

From: Assessing the efficacy of a modified assertive community-based treatment programme in a developing country

  ACT team Community Mental Health team
Overall patient load 80-100 patients ± 600 patients excluding assessments of new patients
Individual caseload Maximum 35 250
Workstyle Key workers act as care coordinator bur caseloads are shared Individual caseloads
Site of most visits >50% contacts are home visits Office based
Engagement Assertive; focus on engagement. Non-assertive, no follow-up of missed appointments/reports of non-compliance
Working hours Office hours Office hours
24 hour cover Patients referred to hospital-based after-hours service coordinated by ACT. After-hours service of catchment area.
Frequency of contacts Individualized according to patient need; fortnightly Depends on caseloads, varies between monthly to three monthly.
Disciplines available Full-time psychiatrist, social worker, psychiatric nurse, access to psychologist, occupational therapist, dual diagnosis outpatient service. Full-time psychiatric nurse, access to social worker and psychiatrist, varied access to occupational therapist and psychologist.