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Table 1 Statement Themes - Problem Drinking study

From: Development of mental health first aid guidelines for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experiencing problems with substance use: a Delphi study

Section 1. Problem drinking
1.1 What the first aider needs to know about problem drinking
1.2 Understanding problem drinking in the community
1.3 Knowing when the person needs help for their drinking
Section 2. Talking to the person about their problem drinking
2.1 Discussing the problem
2.2 Under standing the person's reaction
2.3 Providing information about problem drinking
2.4 Encouraging the person to change
Section 3. If the person wants to change
3.1 Initiating change
3.2 Dealing with the social pressure to drink
3.3 Encouraging other supports
Section 4. Seeking professional help
4.1 Professional help seeking
4.2 Discussing professional help with the person who wants to change
Section 5. If the person does not want help
5.1 If the person is unwilling to change their drinking behaviour
5.2 If the person is unwilling to seek professional help
Section 6. Intoxication
6.1 What the first aider needs to know about intoxication
6.2 If the person is intoxicated
6.3 Talking to the intoxicated person
6.4 Getting the intoxicated person home or to a safe place
6.5 What to do if the intoxicated person becomes aggressive
Section 7. Withdrawal