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Table 2 Overview of outcome measurements

From: Assertive community treatment for elderly people with severe mental illness

Variable Instrument Assessed by Baseline 9 month 18 month
Socio-demographics Patient records Interviewer X X X
Psychiatric history Patient records Psychiatrist or doctor X   
Psychiatric DSM IV Patient Psychiatrist or X X X
diagnosis records doctor    
Drop-out Registration system Researcher X X X
Crisis contacts Registration system Researcher X X X
Admission days Registration system Researcher X X X
Psychosocial functioning HoNOS 65+ Interviewer X X X
Care need CANE short version Interviewer X X X
Quality of life QoL Interviewer X X X
Satisfaction with care One question on 7- point Likert scale Interviewer X X X
Collaboration between patient and care-provider Working Relationship Questionnaire for Case Management Care provider X X X
ACT model fidelity DACTS Trained ACT evaluators X   X