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Table 1 Prevalence of lifetime substance use disorders and of excessive use in patient sample, N (%)

From: Excessive substance use in bipolar disorder is associated with impaired functioning rather than clinical characteristics, a descriptive study

  N = 125
SUD total 38 (30.4)
   Alcohol use disorder 26 (20.8)
   Cannabis use disorder 15 (12.0)
   Other non-alc. substance use disorder 14 (11.0)
Excessive use total 18 (14.4)
   Excessive alcohol use 7 (5.6)
   Excessive cannabis use 13 (10.4)
   Excessive use other non-alc. substances 2 (1.6)
SUD + excessive use 56 (44.8)
  1. SUD and excessive substance use are here mutually exclusive categories. Within these categories, some patients meet the criteria for two or more substance use disorders or can excessively use two or more substances.