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Table 1 Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria

From: Internet-based treatment for older adults with depression and co-morbid cardiovascular disease: protocol for a randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled trial

Inclusion Criteria  
Self-reported history of any one of the following CVD or risk factors in the 45 and Up Study baseline dataset Report of treatment in the last month for:
• Heart attack/angina
• Other heart disease
• High blood pressure
• High blood cholesterol
  Report of taking any of the following in past four weeks:
• Lipitor
• Pravachol
• Aspirin for the heart
• Avapro/Karvea
• Coversyl/Coversyl Plus
• Cardizem/Vasocardol
• Norvasc
• Tritace
• Noten
• Tenormin/atenolol
• Warfarin/Coumadin
• Lasix/frusemide
• Micardis
  Previous doctor's diagnosis of heart disease or stroke or high blood pressure
  Previous diagnosis of diabetes and taking at least one prescription of glucose lowering therapy in the last four weeks
  Two or more of the following risk factors:
• Regular smoker now
• Obese (Body Mass Index ≥ 30)
• Over 65 years
• Family history of heart disease or stroke in two or more first degree relatives
Self-reported psychological distress in the 45 and Up Study baseline dataset A Kessler-10 (K-10) score of greater than or equal to 16.
Depressive symptoms indicated at pre-trial screening A score of eight or above on the 27 point Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9)
Exclusion Criteria  
No depressive symptoms at pre-trial screening A score less than or equal to seven on the 27 point scale of the PHQ-9
Suicide ideation at pre-trial screening A score of either '2' or '3' on the 0-3 likert scale at question nine of the PHQ-9
Currently receiving psychotherapy at pre-trial screening Indication that currently receiving any form of counselling e.g. with a counsellor, GP, psychiatrist or psychologist