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Table 1 Measures in the study

From: Pragmatic randomised controlled trial of group psychoeducation versus group support in the maintenance of bipolar disorder

Every 16 weeks (up to 96 weeks) Every 32 weeks (up to 96 weeks)
SCID - LIFE at interview SAS at interview
HDRS at interview EuroQol at interview
MAS at interview Economic Interview (CSRI)
SOFAS at interview SRMetric - trait at interview
MedAd at interview SRMetric - diary by post
  HADS version 1 by post
  KAB by post
  EWS checklist by post
  Coping strategies checklist by post
  BIPQ by post
  HIQ by post
  Hayward Stigma Questionnaire by post
  SF-12 by post