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Table 4 Importance of scales for assessing whether a patient has been cured of depression

From: Do general practitioners and psychiatrists agree about defining cure from depression? The DEsCRIBE™ survey

  Psychiatrists GPs
Scale Rank Mean score Rank Mean score
SDS 1 4.23 1 4.13
PHQ-9 2 4.04 2 3.86
WHOQOL-BREF 3 3.86 3 3.84
PANAS-pos 4 3.79 4 3.72
HADS-A 5 3.34 5 3.22
PHQ-somatic 6 2.50 6 2.61
  1. All physicians were asked to rank the importance of each item from 1 to 5, with 5 indicating greatest importance - the total mean score for all items from the scale was then calculated and used to rank the scales.
  2. GP, general practitioner; HADS-A, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale-Anxiety subscale; PHQ-9, Patient Health Questionnaire-Depression Subscale; PHQ-somatic, Patient Health Questionnaire-Somatic Symptoms subscale; PANAS-pos, Positive And Negative Affect Schedule-Positive Affect subscale; SDS, Sheehan Disability Scale; WHOQOL-BREF, Abbreviated World Health Organization Quality of Life scale.