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Table 11 Summary of Items from the PANSS Identified as "Very Good," "Good," and "Weak."

From: Use of NON-PARAMETRIC Item Response Theory to develop a shortened version of the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS)

Very Good Items Good Items Weak Items
P1. Delusions P5. Grandiosity P7. Hostility
P2. Conceptual
G7. Motor Retardation N5. Difficulty in Abstract Thinking
P3. Hallucinatory Behaviour   G1.Somatic Concern
P4. Excitement   G2.Anxiety
P6. Suspiciousness/Persecution   G3.Guilt Feelings
N1. Blunted Affect   G5.Mannerisms/Posturing
N2. Emotional Withdrawal   G10.Disorientation
N3. Poor Rapport   G11.Poor Attention
N4. Passive Apathetic Social
  G12.Lack of Judgment
N6. Lack of Spontaneity   G15.Preoccupation
N7. Stereotyped Thinking   G16. Social Avoidance
G9.Unusual Thought Content   
G13.Disturbance Volition   
G14.Poor Impulse control