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Table 4 Eigenvalues of PANSS subscale (without rotation)

From: Use of NON-PARAMETRIC Item Response Theory to develop a shortened version of the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS)

PANSS Subscale Component 1 Eigenvalue Component 2 Eigenvalue Ratio of Eigenvalues Unidimensionality assumed
Positive Symptoms 3.172 .949 3.342 Yes
Negative Symptoms 3.867 .925 4.181 Yes
General Psychopathology 4.080 2.130 1.915 No
  1. Note. Ratio of Eigenvalues is computed by dividing the eigenvalue for the first component by the eigenvalue for the second component for each subscale. Unidimensionality assumed is based on the eigenvalue of Component 1 being at least three times larger than the eigenvalue for Component 2.