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Table 6 Working Alliance at T12. General Linear Model: ANOVA controlling for possible confounding variables.

From: Supervised team management, with or without structured psychotherapy, in heavy users of a mental health service with borderline personality disorder: a two-year follow-up preliminary randomized study

  F Sig.
Intercept 41.31 .000
Education .24 .628
Time from the first contact with MHS 4.83 .037*
Group (STM or SB-APP) 6.99 .013**
Sex .13 .718
Group * Sex .01 .992
  1. STM = Supervised Team Management group; SB-APP = Sequential Brief Adlerian Psychodynamic Psychotherapy group.
  2. Dependent variable: WAI-S Total Score. * = inverse correlation between WAI-S score and time since the first contact with MHS; ** = the WAI-S score is higher in the SB-APP group than in the STM group (see text).
  3. df = 1