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Table 1 List of the symptom complexes characterizing geriatric patients and their corresponding ICD-10 codes used in this study (according to Borchelt et al. [25])

From: Impact of geriatric comorbidity and polypharmacy on cholinesterase inhibitors prescribing in dementia

Symptom complexes characterizing geriatric patients ICD-10 codes
Immobility M96.8, M62.3, M62.5
Falls risk and dizziness R26, R29.81, R42, H81, H82
Incontinence R32, N39.3, N39.4, R15
Pressure ulcer L89, L97, I83.0, I83.2, L98.4
Malnutrition R64, E41, E43, E44
Disorders of fluid and electrolyte balance E86, E87, R60
Depression and anxiety F32, F33, F30, F31, F40, F41
Pain R52, R51, N23, R10, M54, K08.88, F62.80, H57.1, M79.6, M25.5, R07.0-R07.4, N64.4, H92.0, F45.4, M75.8, K14.6
Neuropathies R20, G50-G59, G60-G64
Frailty R54
Severe visual disturbances and hearing loss H53, H54, H52.4, H25, H28, H90, H91
Medication problems Y57.9, X49.9
High risk of complications Z98, Z48, Z43, T79-T89, Z99.2, I48
Delayed convalescence Z54