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Table 1 Properties of Each Measure Studied

From: The relationship, structure and profiles of schizophrenia measurements: a post-hoc analysis of the baseline measures from a randomized clinical trial

Scales Description No. of Items Minutes Needed Minutes Needed Meaning of High Score
    Clinician Patients good/bad
PANSS Psychopathologic symptoms 30 30-40   bad
  Negative symptoms 7    bad
  Positive symptoms 7    bad
  Disorganized thoughts 7    bad
  Hostility/excitement 4    bad
  Anxiety/depression 4    bad
MADRS Depression 10 10   bad
BACS-SCT Digital symbol coding test 1 3 1.5 good
SWN-K Subjective well-being* 20   5-10 good
  Positively worded statements 10    good
  Negatively worded statements 10    bad
SOFI Objective functioning 49 30-45   good
  Living situation 5    good
  Instrumental activity of daily living 14    good
  Productive activity 25    good
  Social functioning 5    good
QLS Quality of life 21 30-45   good
  Common objects and activities 2    good
  Instrumental role 4    good
  Interpersonal relations 8    good
  Intrapsychic foundation 7    good
  1. Abbreviations: BACS-SCT = Brief Assessment of Cognition in Schizophrenia Symbol Coding Test; MADRS = Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale; No. = number; PANSS = Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale; QLS = Quality of Life; SOFI = Schizophrenia Objective Functioning Instrument; SWN-K = Subjective Well-being Under Neuroleptics Short Form.
  2. *For the SWN-K total score, each negatively-worded statement is reversed.