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Table 4 Post-suicide follow-up care programs for nurses.

From: The impact of inpatient suicide on psychiatric nurses and their need for support

   No.of respondents(%)
Mental health care program Implemented 46(15.8)
(n = 292) Not implemented 234(80.1)
  No/inapporopriate answer 12(4.1)
Case study session was: Held at safety committee 23(7.9)
(n = 292) Held at ward/unit meeting 68(23.3)
  Held by limited staff 75(25.7)
  Other 24(8.2)
  Not held 83(28.4)
  No/inapporopriate answer 19(6.5)
  1. Description: Whether mental health care programs and case study sessions were available for nurses who encountered patients' suicide.