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Table 2 The CCBQ items organized by factor

From: Psychometric properties of the Chinese craving beliefs questionnaire for heroin abusers in methadone treatment

Item Component 1 Component 2 Component 3
Component 1: will power    
16. I cannot do anything when I am really craving heroin. .76   
12. The thoughts I have while craving heroin are out of my control. .70   
20. Craving heroin defeats my will power. .70   
9. I cannot stand the physical symptoms while craving heroin. .69   
13. The craving makes me so nervous I can't stand it. .65   
18. Using heroin is the only way to cope with the feeling of craving. .63   
17. Craving for heroin is all or none; there is nothing in between. .53   
7. I have no control over my behavior once the craving starts. .52   
10. Craving is my punishment for using heroin. .51   
11. If you never used heroin then you have no idea what the craving is like. .49   
Cronbach's alpha = .88
Component 2: compulsive behavior    
4. 4. Craving makes me use heroin.   .76  
3. Craving drives men mad.   .73  
2. If I don't stop, the craving will be worse.   .71  
5. I will always have craving for heroin.   .65  
1. The craving is a physical reaction, hence I cannot resist it.   .56  
Cronbach's alpha=.81
Component 3: negative coping    
14. I will never be prepared to handle the craving.    .78
8. I will crave heroin for the rest of my life.    .74
15. Since I will have cravings for the rest of my life, I might as well go ahead and use heroin.    .73
6. I don't have any control over the craving.    .53
Cronbach's alpha=.81
Variance explained by each factor 22.4% 17.4% 14.8%
Cronbach's alpha for CCBQ=.92
Overall variance explained by the 3-factor model: 54.6%