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Table 4 Functional Status Questionnaire (FSQ) mean GTS patients summated-rating scale scores

From: Quality of life in adults with Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome

FSQ Sections GTS Mean (SD) Qualitative data
Physical functions:   
Basic ADL 96.02 (10.17) Good
Intermediate ADL 86.86 (18.22) Good
Mental health 52.92 (19.36) Clearly pathological
Work performance 80.83 (18.65) Warning zone
Social activities 83.47 (22.96) Warning zone
Quality of interactions 69.32 (15.22) Pathological
  1. SD: standard deviation; ADL: Activities of Daily Living; FSQ: Functional Status Questionnaire.
  2. Summated-rating scale scores for basic ADL: “Good” 88-100, “Warning zone” 0-87; for intermediate ADL: “Good” 78-100, “Warning zone” 0-77;for mental health: “Good” 71-100, “Warning zone” 0-70; for work performance: “Good” 79-100, “Warning zone” 0-78; for social activities: “Good” 79-100, “Warning zone” 0-78; for quality of interactions: “Good” 70-100, “Warning zone” 0-69.