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Table 3 Model for transgenerational transmission: experience of trauma and resilience patterns

From: Transgenerational transmission of trauma and resilience: a qualitative study with Brazilian offspring of Holocaust survivors

Phenomena associated with parental trauma Patterns of transgenerational transmission
  Experience of trauma Resilience patterns
1. WORKING OVER (by survivors) Inability to work over: Psychical working over ability intact:
  · psychopathological disorders · personal narratives
  · somatic symptoms · documentary records
   · cultural rituals
   · collective memory
   · defense of universal values
2. COMMUNICATION (from survivors to their offspring) · indirect communication · open, loving, everyday communications
  · fragmented discourse  
  · silence, secrets, the unsaid · use of humor as a symbolic resource
3. REPERCUSSIONS (in the lives of survivors’ offspring) · fear of being identified by external indicators · imaginary resources
   · artistic creation
  · psychical deterritorialization · appropriation of parental resilience patterns
  · experiences of guilt, victimization and submission  
  · presentification of parental trauma · field visits and search for knowledge of the Holocaust
  · terrifying worldview · collective bonding and social support
   · universal values and social and political activism