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Table 2 Psychiatric background of hikikomori

From: Hikikomori as a possible clinical term in psychiatry: a questionnaire survey

ICD-10 Chapter V Psychiatrists Pediatricians
  (n=80) (n=26)
F2: Schizophrenia, schizotypal and delusional disorders 30.0% 3.8%
F3: Mood (affective) disorders 2.5% 11.5%
F4: Neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders 16.3% 50.0%
F6: Disorders of adult personality and behavior 21.3% 3.8%
F7: Mental retardation 2.5% 0%
F8: Disorders of psychological development 17.5% 23.1%
Hikikomori is not a disorder 1.3% 0%
No idea 8.8% 7.7%
  1. Psychiatrists and pediatricians were requested to select the most applicable psychiatric diagnosis of their experienced hikikomori cases according to the ICD-10.