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Table 3 Suicidal behavior recurrence and measures of physical and mental conditions in the follow-up assessments

From: Post-hospitalization course and predictive signs of suicidal behavior of suicidal patients admitted to a psychiatric hospital: a 2-year prospective follow-up study

  1st assessment 2nd assessment 3rd assessment 4th assessment
Number of SB as a whole a 1.40 1.16 1.12 1.38
Number of SB with SI a 0.64 0.73 0.61 0.46
SF-8 PCS score (SD) b 47.9 (9.4) 48.7 (8.8) 47.6 (9.0) 48.1 (7.9)
SF-8 MCS score (SD) b, c 37.0 (10.8) 40.3 (12.1) 41.2 (9.7) 42.6 (9.5)
BHS 4-item version score (SD) b,c 2.61 (1.26) 2.30 (1.42) 2.28 (1.34) 2.08 (1.42)
  1. SB: suicidal behavior, SI: suicide intent, Number of SB (with SI): number of SB (with SI) during the previous 6 month period, SF-8 PCS score: SF-8 physical component summary score, SF-8 MCS score: SF-8 mental component summary score, BHS: Beck Hopelessness Scale.
  2. a Means of 89 not-deceased subjects with the whole 2-year clinical course data set.
  3. b Means of 65 subjects with the complete data set.
  4. c Repeated measures ANOVAs found a significant time effect and linear component in SF-8 MCS scores (Wilks’ lambda=0.798. F3, 62=5.22, p=0.003 and F1, 64=14.83, p<0.001, respectively) and BHS 4-item version scores (Wilks’s lambda=0.877, F3, 62=3.12, p=0.42 and F1, 64=7.00, p=0.010, respectively).