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Table 3 Exclusion criteria in ROM patients suffering from MDD

From: The generalizability of psychotherapy efficacy trials in major depressive disorder: an analysis of the influence of patient selection in efficacy trials on symptom outcome in daily practice

Exclusion criterion All MDD patients (n=598) Patients who received psychotherapy only (n=80)
Current or past abuse or dependence of drugs 2.3% (n=14) 5.0% (n=4)
Current or past abuse or dependence of alcohol 5.0% (n=30) 2.5% (n=2)
Not Meeting Baseline Severity Threshold 21.9% (n=131) 30.8% (n=24)
Previous use of medication or ECT 44.1% (n=230) 13.8% (n=11)
(all patients received antidepressants, none of the patients received ECT prior to psychotherapy Missing data: n=77 Missing data: n=0