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Table 1 Evaluated disorders from International Classification of Diseases version 10 (ICD-10), Chapter V Mental and behavioral disorders: F20-29 (schizophrenia, schizotypal and delusional disorders), F30-39 (affective disorders), F41 (other anxiety disorders) and F42 (obsessive-compulsive disorders); the applied ATC codes level 5 and the corresponding chemical substances included in the study

From: Specialist prescribing of psychotropic drugs to older persons in Sweden - a register-based study of 188 024 older persons

ATC level 5 Chemical substance F20-29 F30-39 F41 F42
N03AE01 Clonazepam     X
N03AF01 Carbamazepin   X   
N03AG01 Valproic acid   X   
N03AX09 Lamotrigine   X   
N03AX16 Pregabalin    X  
N04BC05 Pramipexole   X   
N05BA01 Diazepam X X X  
N05BA04 Oxazepam X X X  
N05BA06 Lorazepam X X X  
N05BA12 Alprazolam X X X  
N05BE01 Buspirone   X X  
N06AA04 Clomipramine X   X X
N06AA06 Trimipramine X X   
N06AA09 Amitriptyline X X   
N06AA10 Nortriptyline X X   
N06AA21 Maprotiline X X   
N06AG02 Moclobemide   X   
N06AX02 Tryptophan   X   
N06AX03 Mianserin   X   
N06AX11 Mirtazapine   X   
N06AX12 Bupropion   X   
N06AX16 Venlafaxine   X   
N06AX18 Reboxetin   X X  
N06AX21 Duloxetine   X   
N06BA07 Modafinil   X