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Table 1 Search Terms used for Medline search strategy

From: Effective lifestyle interventions to improve type II diabetes self-management for those with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder: a systematic review

Database Search Terms
Medline (exp Diabetes Mellitus type 2 OR Diabe*.mp.) AND (exp "Quality of Health Care" OR exp. Access to information OR OR exp.Evaluation studies as topic OR OR exp.Early intervention (Education) OR OR interdiscipl* treatment OR treatment effectiveness OR effective OR evaluat*.mp. OR of health care OR exp.Treatment Outcome OR treatment outcom*.mp. OR clinical OR effective OR blood glucose self-monitoring/OR exp drug monitoring OR exp.Life Style OR lifestyle OR exp.Problem Solving OR problem solv*.mp.) AND (exp.schizophrenia OR exp.psychotic disorder OR early psych*.mp. OR first episod* psych*.mp. OR first onset psych*.mp, "schizophrenia and disorders with psychotic features" OR early OR first episod* OR first onset OR first onset psych*.mp)
PsycINFO (Diabete* OR Diabetes OR exp. Diabetes) AND (exp Treatment OR intervention OR interdisciplinary treatment approach OR exp Early Intervention OR treatment effectiveness evaluation OR "quality of care" OR effective OR exp Evaluation OR evaluat*.mp. exp Health Care Delivery OR exp Treatment Outcomes OR treatment outcom*.mp. OR exp Clinical Practice/OR clinical effective OR exp Lifestyle Changes/OR lifestyle OR exp Problem Solving/OR problem solv*.mp. OR treatment) AND (schizo* OR early psych* OR first episod* psych* OR first onset psych* OR exp.schizophrenia OR acute psychosis OR psychosis OR first episode*
ISI Web of Science (Diabete* OR Diabetes AND (effective intervention OR quality care OR access OR evaluation OR health care quality OR quality health care OR treatment outcome OR effective treatment OR clinical practice OR lifestyle intervention OR problem solv* OR intervention OR interdiscplinary treatment approach OR early intervention OR treatment effectiveness evaluation) AND (schizo* OR early psychosis OR early psych* OR first episod* psych* OR first episode* psychosis OR first onset psych* OR first onset psychosis)
CINAHL (Diabet* OR MH Diabetes Mellitus) AND (MM.Clinical Effectiveness OR intervention* OR MH.Quality of Health Care OR MM.Quality of Care Research OR quality care OR MH.Access to Information OR access OR health care quality OR MH.Treatment Outcomes OR MM.Outcomes of Education OR MH.Outcomes Health Care OR treatment outcome* OR effective treatment OR MM.Practice Patterns OR clinical practice OR MH.Life Style OR lifestyle intervention OR MH. Problem Solving OR problem solv* OR early intervention OR MM.Program Evaluation OR MM.Glycemic Control or glycemic control OR MM.Self-Efficacy or self*efficacy OR MH.Self Care OR self*care) AND (MH.Schizophrenia OR MM.Schizophrenia, Childhood OR MM.schizoaffective Disorder OR MH Psychotic Disorders OR schizo* OR early psych* OR first episod* psych* OR first onset psych*)