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Table 2 Association of energy-adjusted folate intake with K6 score by linear regression models

From: Folate intake and depressive symptoms in Japanese workers considering SES and job stress factors: J-HOPE study

Energy-adjusted folate intake Standard β P value
Model 1 −0.077 <0.001**
Model 2 −0.067 0.002**
Model 3 −0.054 0.010*
  1. P values (β coefficients) showing the significance for linear regression analysis are present. P for model <0.001. *P <0.05; **P < 0.01.
  2. In Model 1, the unadjusted P value for the association between K6 score and energy-adjusted folate intake is shown. In Model 2, P value is adjusted for age and sex only. In model 3, adjust factors include age, sex, job stress scores and SES factors.