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Table 1 Measures used at each time point in the UPBEAT-UK randomised controlled trial

From: A pilot randomised controlled trial of personalised care for depressed patients with symptomatic coronary heart disease in South London general practices: the UPBEAT-UK RCT protocol and recruitment

Outcome Parameter Instruments
Primary Outcome  
Depression HADS-depression subscale [24]
Secondary Outcomes  
Depression PHQ-9 [29]
Coronary Heart Disease Modified Rose Angina Questionnaire [26], Specific Activity Schedule [30], Guy’s Hospital Chest Pain Questionnaire [31]
Quality of Life Euroqol 5day [32], Medical Outcomes Survey Short Form-12 (SF-12) [33]
Adherence to medication Adapted version of Morisky adherence questionnaire [34]
Life events List of Threatening Events Questionnaire [35]
Social problems Social Problems Questionnaire [36]
Health Service Utilisation Client Service Receipt Inventory (CSRI) [37]
Illness Perceptions Brief Illness Perceptions Questionnaire [38]
Participants’ problem priorities Psychlops [39]
Wellbeing Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale [40]