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Table 2 Risk of bias in individual studies

From: Combination of pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy in the treatment of chronic depression: A systematic review and meta-analysis

  1 2 3 4 5 6 Global Judgment
Browne 2002 yes yes yes yes yes no low
deMello 2001 unclear unclear yes unclear yes no medium
Keller 2000 yes yes yes yes yes yes low
Kocsis 2009 yes yes yes yes no yes low
Markowitz 2005 yes unclear yes yes yes yes low
Miller 1999 no yes unclear unclear no no high
Ravindran 1999 yes unclear yes yes no yes medium
Schramm 2008 yes unclear yes yes yes yes low
Summary “yes” 6/8 4/8 7/8 6/8 5/8 5/8 4/8
  1. 1: allocation sequence adequately generated; 2: allocation adequately concealed; 3: knowledge of allocation adequately prevented; 4: incomplete outcome adequately addressed; 5: free of selective outcome reporting; 6: free of other problems.