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Table 2 Item-total correlations of each scale item and total score (20 items on OMS-HC)

From: The development and psychometric properties of a new scale to measure mental illness related stigma by health care providers: The opening minds scale for Health Care Providers (OMS-HC)

1. I am more comfortable helping a person who has a physical illness than I am helping a person who has a mental illness. .514 **
2. If a person with a mental illness complains of physical symptoms (e.g. nausea, back pain or headache), I would likely attribute this to their mental illness. .422**
3. If a colleague with whom I work told me they had a managed mental illness, I would be as willing to work with him/her. -.072 *
4. If I were under treatment for a mental illness I would not disclose this to any of my colleagues. .426**
5. I would be more inclined to seek help for a mental illness if my treating healthcare provider was not associated with my workplace. .350**
6. I would see myself as weak if I had a mental illness and could not fix it myself. .572**
7. I would be reluctant to seek help if I had a mental illness. .516**
8. Employers should hire a person with a managed mental illness if he/she is the best person for the job. -.016
9. I would still go to a physician if I knew that the physician had been treated for a mental illness. -.078 *
10. If I had a mental illness, I would tell my friends. -.205**
11. It is the responsibility of health care providers to inspire hope in people with mental illness. .011
12. Despite my professional beliefs, I have negative reactions towards people who have mental illness. .475**
13. There is little I can do to help people with mental illness. .466**
14. More than half of people with mental illness don’t try hard enough to get better. .407**
15. People with mental illness seldom pose a risk to the public. -.072 *
16. The best treatment for mental illness is medication. .232**
17. I would not want a person with a mental illness, even if it were appropriately managed, to work with children. .317**
18. Healthcare providers do not need to be advocates for people with mental illness. .289**
19. I would not mind if a person with a mental illness lived next door to me. -.129 **
20. I struggle to feel compassion for a person with a mental illness. .400**