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Table 2 Search terms with truncation

From: The effect of clinician-patient alliance and communication on treatment adherence in mental health care: a systematic review

Group terms combined by ‘AND’
combined by “OR” combined by “OR” combined by “OR” combined by “OR”
→ group term 1 → group term 2 → group term 3 → group term 4
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
communicat* psychosis psychiatr* adher*
talk psychotic Doctor complian*
interact* schizophr* mental health nurs* concordan*
expressed emotion schizoaffective psychiatric nurs* nonadher*
conversat* delusional social work* noncomplian*
discourse depress* psycholog* concordan*
dialogue dysthymi* care coordinator persistence
relationship bipolar counsel* treatment usage
alliance cyclothymi* therapist attendance
shared decision making panic support work* engag*
  agoraphobia Psychosocial intervention work* rejection of therapy
  phobia employment coach DNA
  obsessive compulsive disorder nurse practitioner drop out
  post traumatic stress disorder case manager medication possession ratio
  stress vocational rehab specialist service use
  anxiety psych tech