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Table 6 Responses to the First Aid Experiences Questionnaire for participants who did not report experiencing a first aid situation (n = 43)

From: Mental health first aid for eating disorders: pilot evaluation of a training program for the public

  n %
Q1. Is this what you would have expected, or is it somewhat surprising not to have come across such a situation?*
 Surprised 17 39.5
 Had expected to encounter someone with an eating disorder 17 39.5
 Had been in contact, but didn’t provide first aid because we were not good enough friends 8 18.6
 Had been in contact with someone with an ED before the training and this continued after the training 3 7.0
Q2. In the future, if you were to come across someone who you believed was experiencing an eating disorder, how well prepared would you feel to deal with the situation?*
 Very well, or well prepared 33 76.7
 Prepared 9 20.9
 Prepared but uneasy 5 11.6
 Not at all prepared 1 2.3
Q3. How has attending 'Mental Health First Aid Training Course for Eating Disorders' changed how you relate to or feel about people who experience eating disorders?*
 Know more about EDs 15 34.9
 Know more/more confident about how to help 14 32.6
 More empathy for those with EDs 14 32.6
 No change because of prior expertise 2 4.7
 No change 4 9.3
  1. * Responses were open-ended and therefore participants may have mentioned multiple ideas/categories.