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Table 1 Location, profile and age ranges of 17 focus groups run nationally across Australia

From: Young men’s attitudes and behaviour in relation to mental health and technology: implications for the development of online mental health services

Location Profile Age range in years (mean)
Sydney, NSW Graduate employees at a leading accounting firm 22-24 (23.0)
Gosford, NSW Local teenagers who occasionally use the youth centre 16-19 (17.4)
Lidcome, NSW Call centre operators for a major alcohol company 21-24 (22.8)
Canberra, ACT Trade apprentices 16-19 (17.9)
Sydney, NSW Students attending s public high school 16 (16.0)
Sydney, NSW Students attending a public high school 16-17 (16.8)
Wangara, WA Trade apprentices from troubled backgrounds 16-21 (19.0)
Yangebup, WA Regulars at a youth centre dedicated to developing leadership among Aboriginal young people 16-22 (17.9)
Maddington, WA Local young people who frequent a youth centre in a low socio-economic area 16-19 (17.1)
Perth, WA University students from private school backgrounds 19-20 (19.1)
Perth, WA Young males identifying with diverse sexuality and gender. 17-24 (19.5)
Glen Forrest, WA Students and apprentices 20-21 (20.1)
Perth WA Students attending a Catholic high school 16-17 (16.2)
Broadmeadows. VIC Recent Iraqi migrants 16-24 (20.7)
Torquay, VIC Graphic designers for a major surfing brand 22-24 (22.7)
Box Hill, VIC Young men who frequent a youth centre at Box Hill 18-24 (20.9)
Sydney, NSW Lebanese Maronite Catholic Church group members 18-24 (20.1)