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Table 1 Description of the SCIP subtests

From: The screen for cognitive impairment in psychiatry: diagnostic-specific standardization in psychiatric ill patients

Subtest Description Score Range scores
VLT-I Three trials of a 10 word list-learning task with immediate recall after each list presentation Sum of the number of words correctly recalled over the three trials 0-30
WMT Eight 3-letter combinations of consonants, with two trigrams each assigned to a 0, 3, 9, or 18 second delay with backward counting distraction. Sum of the letters correctly recalled 0-24
VFT Two trials of 30 seconds during which the subject is asked to generate words that begin with a given letter of the alphabet under some specific rules Sum of acceptable words over the two trials ≥ 0
VLT-D Delayed recall test of the VLT-I words Sum of the number of words correctly recalled 0-10
PST Task that in 30 seconds requires the subject to translate the Morse code equivalents of six letters from the alphabet in boxes under a randomly distributed sequence of the letters Sum of the number of correct sequential translations 0-30
  1. VLT-I = Verbal Learning Test-Immediate; WMT = Working Memory Test; VFT = Verbal Fluency Test; VLT-D = Verbal Learning Test-Delayed; PST = Processing Speed Test.