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Table 2 Comparisons of rate of accuracy for each condition on the revised computerized referential communication task among groups

From: Dissociation of understanding from applying others’ false beliefs in remitted schizophrenia: evidence from a computerized referential communication task

  Healthy controls Remitted schizophrenia Non-remitted schizophrenia Statistics
  (n=22) (n=19) (n=29)  
Task of applying     
 False belief command 0.87±0.13 0.32±0.40 0.27±0.41 F(2,138)=22.204, P<0.001
 Reality command 0.99±0.02 0.99±0.03 0.98±0.03 F(2,138)=1.230, P=0.299
Task of understanding     
 False belief probe 0.97±0.05 0.87±0.25 0.53±0.39 F(2,138)=16.586, P<0.001
 Reality probe 0.99±0.02 0.98±0.03 0.97±0.04 F(2,138)=1.441, P=0.244