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Figure 1

From: Association between vitamin b12 levels and melancholic depressive symptoms: a Finnish population-based study

Figure 1

The association of vitamin B 12 levels with depressive and non-depressive symptoms, and with the severity of depressive symptoms based to BDI scores. A: The association of vitamin B12 levels with the non-melancholic or the melancholic depressive symptoms and the non-depressive symptoms. B: The association of vitamin B12 levels with severity of the non-melancholic and the melancholic depressive symptoms according to the BDI-scores. C: Non-linear quadric model of the vitamin B12 levels versus BDI score. Model adjusted using age, sex, use of antidepressive medication and chronic diseases. The gray band gives the 95% confidence intervals. BDI, Beck Depression Inventory; NmDS, non-melancholic depressive symptoms; MDS, melancholic depressive symptoms.

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