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Table 1 Antipsychotic WHO Anatomical Therapeutic Codes

From: Prescribing trends of antipsychotics in youth receiving income assistance: results from a retrospective population database study

ATC code Drug name Formulations in Canada
N05AA01 chlorpromazine Oral
N05AA02 methotrimeprazine Oral
N05AB02 fluphenazine Oral & long-acting injection
N05AB03 perphenazine Oral
N05AB06 trifluoperazine Oral
N05AC01 peryciazine Oral
N05AC02 thioridazine* Oral
N05AC04 pipotiazine Depot
N05AD01 haloperidol Oral & long-acting injection
N05AF01 flupenthixol Oral & long-acting injection
N05AF04 thiothixene Oral
N05AF05 zuclopenthixol Oral & long-acting injection
N05AG02 pimozide Oral
N05AH01 loxapine Oral
N05AH03 olanzapine† Oral
N05AH04 quetiapine‡ Oral
N05AX08 risperidone‡ Oral & long-acting injection
  1. * Removed from Canadian market 2005.
  2. † Specific criteria (e.g. initiated by psychiatrist) for use must be demonstrated before Pharmacare coverage is provided.
  3. ‡ Specific criteria for Pharmacare coverage were in place until December 2003 after which it became a drug benefit without restrictions on use.