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Table 4 Association between mental disorder at an average of 6 months post-return and (1) social support and (2) unmet needs among women survivors of human trafficking (n=120)

From: Risk factors for mental disorders in women survivors of human trafficking: a historical cohort study

  Odds ratio (95% CI) p value Adjusted odds ratio* (95% CI) p value
Analysis 1) Social support score 0.61 (0.52–0.72) <0.001 0.61 (0.52–0.71) <0.001
Analysis 2) Number of unmet needs 2.21 (1.71–2.85) <0.001 2.21 (1.71–2.84) <0.001
  1. * Both analyses adjusted for baseline mood or anxiety disorder only (i.e. social support score and number of unmet needs are not adjusted for each other).