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Table 5 Multivariable regression model of risk factors for mental disorder at an average of 6 months post-return among women survivors of human trafficking (n=120)*

From: Risk factors for mental disorders in women survivors of human trafficking: a historical cohort study

Pre-trafficking, trafficking and post-trafficking exposures Adjusted odds ratio (95% CI) p value
Sexual abuse No 1  
Yes 4.67 (1.04–20.92) 0.044
Duration of trafficking (months) 1.12 (0.98–1.29) 0.089
Social support score (range 9–30) 0.64 (0.52–0.79) <0.001
Number of unmet needs (range 0–11) 1.80 (1.28–2.52) 0.001
  1. * Multivariable regression model using a backwards stepwise selection procedure considering the following variables: education status, pre-trafficking employment status, urban/rural residence, childhood emotional abuse, childhood physical abuse, childhood sexual abuse, duration of exploitation, post-trafficking employment status, number of unmet needs, and social support score. Variables were retained in the model if the covariate showed an association (p<0.1) with mental disorder measured at 6 months post-return. Four variables were retained and are reported above.