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Table 1 Summary of inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: The effectiveness of individual interpersonal psychotherapy as a treatment for major depressive disorder in adult outpatients: a systematic review

Study characteristic Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Type of study Randomized controlled trial  
>1970 <1970
English language Other languages
Population Adults (18–65) Elderly people or adolescents
Major depressive disorder as a primary diagnosis Bipolar disorder
Interventions Individual sole IPT Group IPT
IPT combined with other therapy
Comparators Other evidence-based psychotherapies, combined treatment, or pharmacotherapy Alternative therapy, bibliotherapy, complementary therapy, counseling, psychoeducation, supportive therapy
Setting Outpatient ambulant care, primary care Inpatient care
Western jurisdictions Outside of Western jurisdictions
Outcome Depressive symptoms  
  1. IPT Interpersonal Psychotherapy.