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Table 2 Summary of the characteristics of the includes studies

From: The effectiveness of individual interpersonal psychotherapy as a treatment for major depressive disorder in adult outpatients: a systematic review

Study N included N completed treatment Population and primary diagnosis Treatment types Duration (weeks) Primary and secondary outcome measure Time between pre- and post-treatment
Blom et al. (2007) 193 132 Adults with MDD IPT vs.Nefazodone vs.IPT+nefazodone vs.IPT+placebo 16 HAMD 12 weeks
Elkin et al. (1989) 250 155 Adults with MDD IPT vs. CBT vs. IMI-CM vs. PLA-CM 16 HRSD 16 weeks
Luty et al. (2009) 177 159 Adults with MDD IPT vs.CBT 16 MADRS 16 weeks
Marshall et al. (2008) 159 102 Adults with MDD IPT vs.CBT vs.PHT-CM 16 HRSD 16 weeks
Martin et al. (2001) 28 28 Adults with MDD IPT vs.Venlafaxine 16 HAMD 6 weeks
O’Hara et al. (2000) 120 99 Women with PPD IPT vs. WLC 12 HRSD 12 weeks
Schramm et al. (2011) 30 29 Adults with early onset chronic MDD IPT vs.CBASP 16 with 12 months follow-up HRSD 16 weeks
Schulberg et al. (1996) 276 150 Adults with MDD IPT vs.Nortriptyline vs.Usual care 16 with 8 months follow-up HRSD 8 months
  1. CBASP Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy; CBT Cognitive Behavior Therapy; HAMD Hamilton Depression Rating Scale; HRSD Hamilton Rating Scale Depression; IMI-CM imipramine plus clinical management; IPT Interpersonal Psychotherapy; MADRS Montgomery-Åsberg Depression Rating Scale; MDD Major Depressive Disorder; PHT-CM pharmacotherapy plus clinical management; PLA-CM placebo plus clinical management; WLC wait list condition.