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Table 5 Proposed 5 subscales and item reliability

From: Exploration of experiences in therapeutic groups for patients with severe mental illness: development of the Ferrara group experiences scale (FE- GES)

Subscale and items Mean Standard deviation Cronbach’s alpha Cronbach’s alpha (standardised items)
1. Sharing of emotions and experiences 8.13 3.00 .725 .730
1. Within the group I shared my personal experiences and life problems.     
2. I met people in the group who were experiencing the same problems as me.     
12. I was able to recognise my feelings in the group.     
17. I talked with others about my suffering in the group.     
2. Cognitive Improvement 10.02 2.56 .742 .743
30. I paid attention to what others said in the group.     
33. I could remember what was said in the group.     
35. I expressed my thoughts clearly in the group.     
36. I listened to others carefully in the group.     
3. Group Learning 8.19 2.82 .702 .702
19. I understood the reasons for my behaviour in the group.     
21. In the group, I understood better how I usually deal with my problems.     
23. I learned how to manage good interactions with others in the group.     
29. In the group, I realised how much my behavioural problems have improved.     
4. Difficulty in open expression 11.04 3.88 .845 .845
13. It was hard for me to talk about my problems in the group.     
16. I was afraid to express my opinion in the group.     
18. I hid my feelings in the group.     
38. I found it difficult to express my thoughts clearly in the group.     
5. Relationships 8.68 2.89 .753 .759
5. I was helped by others in the group.     
6. I socialised with others in the group.     
8. I built relationships of trust with others in the group.     
9. I met new and positive people in the group.     
Scale Total 46.06 10.14 .849 .852
Sum of above items