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Table 3 Numbers of patient-weeks as well as the number of starts, stops, and switches were compared

From: A retrospective study of antipsychotic drug switching in a pediatric population

  Number of weeks Number of switches Switches per year Number of starts Starts per year Number of stops Stops per year
Before Admission 4321 26 0.313 144 1.733 90 1.083
After Admission 247.7 6 1.260 23 4.828 14 2.939
  1. Starts were defined as any new antipsychotic prescription following a period of at least 3 weeks with no antipsychotic prescriptions; similarly stops were defined as the discontinuation of antipsychotic prescription for at least three weeks. Switches were defined as a new antipsychotic medication started within three weeks (before or after) the termination or beginning of titrating down to termination of another antipsychotic prescription. Frequencies were compared using a Chi-squared test, and all changes were significant.