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Table 2 Patient-psychiatrist conversations about LAIs

From: Patient and prescriber perspectives on long-acting injectable (LAI) antipsychotics and analysis of in-office discussion regarding LAI treatment for schizophrenia

LAI patient status/conversations, n (%) Patients on oral antipsychotics Patients on LAIs
  (n = 22) (n = 38)
 Previously treated with LAIa 3 (14) NA
  Discussion of oral treatment 3 NA
  Discussion of LAI treatment 3 NA
 Oral with discussion of LAI 8 (36) NA
  Discussion of oral treatment 8 NA
  Discussion of LAI treatment 8 NA
 No discussion of LAI 11 (50) NA
  Discussion of oral treatment 11 NA
  Discussion of LAI treatment 0 NA
 LAI discontinuation NA 1 (3)
  Discussion of oral treatment NA 1
  Discussion of LAI treatment NA 1
 LAI restart NA 2 (5)
  Discussion of oral treatment NA 2
  Discussion of LAI treatment NA 2
 LAI-to-LAI switch NA 3 (8)
  Discussion of oral treatment NA 3
  Discussion of LAI treatment NA 3
 New start on LAI NA 11 (29)
  Discussion of oral treatment NA 9
  Discussion of LAI treatment NA 11
 LAI continuation NA 21 (55)
  Discussion of oral treatment NA 13
  Discussion of LAI treatment NA 21
LAIs used in treatment, n (%)
  First-generation LAIs NA 8 (21)
  Second-generation LAIs NA 30 (79)
  1. a Discussion of history of LAI use, not restarting LAI treatment.
  2. LAI, long-acting injectable antipsychotic.