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Table 1 Candidate genes for mRNA gene expression in DD

From: Dysregulation of leukocyte gene expression in women with medication-refractory depression versus healthy non-depressed controls

Pathways Classes Genes
HPA Glucocorticoid NR3C1
  Mineralocorticoid NR3C2
  Oxytocin OXT
  Oxytocin receptor OXTR
Immune response and inflammation Cytokines IL-10, IL-6, TNF, LTA
Transcription factors Gene expression factors CREB1, SIRT1, STAT5A, PPARA, NFκB1
Neuronal health and signaling Growth factors NRG1, VEGFA
Matrix associated APP, SPARC
Modulator DBI
Ion channels Purinergic P2RX1, P2RX4, P2RX7, P2RY1,
  Acid sensing P2RY2
  Transient ASIC1, ASIC3
  Vanilloid TRPV1, TRPV4