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Table 4 Gene expression (mean ± SE) for genes differing between BPD and MDD subgroups

From: Dysregulation of leukocyte gene expression in women with medication-refractory depression versus healthy non-depressed controls

GENE BPD (n=10) MDD (n=13) p valueA η2
APP 7.63E-01± 4.80E-02 5.98E-01 ± 4.33E-02 0.006 0.303
CREB1 7.40E-01 ± 4.75E-02 6.39E-01 ± 2.15E-02 0.028 0.210
NFKB1 5.81E-01 ± 2.42E-02 5.29E-01 ± 1.99E-02 0.038 0.179
NR3C1 3.27E-01 ± 2.81E-02 2.78E-01 ± 9.51E-03 0.043 0.191
SPARC 3.20E+00 ± 2.72E-01 2.29E+00 ± 1.80E-01 0.003 0.300
TNF 1.36E-01 ± 5.99E-03 1.68E-01 ± 1.14E-02 0.032 0.200
  1. Raw data is displayed in the table. Expressed in scientific notation units where E+00 = x1, E-01 = x0.1, E-02 = x0.01, etc. Data were log transformed prior to analysis.
  2. ABPD vs. MDD using 5 factor regression model with inclusion of age, QIDS-SR, anticonvulsant use, and antidepressant/antipsychotic use. Model has 23 patients, 5 variables, results in 17 degrees of freedom.
  3. p value is for effect of Diagnostic subgroup after adjusting for the effects of the other 4 factors.
  4. Effect sizes using η2 for where diagnostic subgroup was significant in the regression model were consistently large (>0.14).