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Table 1 Overview of outcomes, instruments, and assessor at baseline, six, twelve, and eighteen months

From: Improving psychotropic drug prescription in nursing home patients with dementia: design of a cluster randomized controlled trial

Outcome Instrument Assessor
Appropriateness of PDU To be developed Researcher
Frequency of PDU Generic name and ATC code Researcher
  NPS NPI-Q Nurse
  Agitation/aggression CMAI Nurse
  Depression NORD Nurse
  Depression MDS-DRS Nurse
Quality of life
  Quality of life Qualidem Nurse
  (For interpretation of Qualidem) GDS Physician
  Social engagement RISE Nurse
Activities of daily living Instrument derived from MDS-RAI Nurse
Psychotropic drug side effects and adverse events
  Symptoms and disorders related to PDU Instrument derived from UKU Physician
  Cognition SIB-8 Physician/representative
  Hospitalizations Number, indication, and duration Physician
  Mortality Occurrence Researcher
  1. Abbreviations: PDU psychotropic drug use, ATC Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical, NPS neuropsychiatric symptoms, NPI-Q Neuropsychiatric Inventory – Questionnaire, CMAI Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory, NORD Nijmegen Observer-Rated Depression scale, MDS-DRS Minimum Data Set Depression Rating Scale, GDS Global Deterioration Scale, RISE Revised Index of Social Engagement, MDS-RAI: Minimum Data Set Resident Assessment Instrument, UKU Udvalg for kliniske undersogelser side effect rating scale, SIB-8 Severe Impairment Battery-8.