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Table 3 Overview of radical openness skills training module

From: Radically open-dialectical behavior therapy for adult anorexia nervosa: feasibility and outcomes from an inpatient program

Week Skills
Week 1 Orientation to Radical Openness – Why be radically open?
Week 2 Emotions Communicate to Others—Changing Physiology
Week 3 Engaging in Novel Behavior—Flexible-Mind VARIEs
Week 4 Learning from Corrective Feedback-- Flexible-Mind ADOPTS
Week 5 The Art of Validation—Flexible-Mind Validates
Week 6 Learning to Trust and enhancing Intimacy –Flexible-Mind ALLOWs
Week 7 Developing Compassion and Forgiveness—Flexible-Mind has HEART
Week 8 Increasing Openness & Social Connectedness via Loving-Kindness
  1. Table Legend: Acronyms in the table are used as mnemonic aids. For example, in Week 4, Learning from Corrective Feedback, each letter of the acronym ADOPTS refers to a specific set of skills; A stands for Acknowledge that feedback is occurring, D stands for Describe and observe emotions, bodily sensations, thoughts, O stands for Open to new information by cheerleading and by fully listening to the feedback, P stands for Pinpoint what new behavior is being recommended by the feedback and assess utility, T stands for Try-out the new behavior, and S stands for Self-soothe and reward yourself for being open to feedback and using skills. Patients are encouraged to memorize acronyms and use them to facilitate memory of skills. Space limitations prevented more descriptive narratives regarding each set of skills and readers are referred to the treatment manual [32].