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Table 1 Mixed methods research parameters/instruments

From: PROPER I: frequency and appropriateness of psychotropic drugs use in nursing home patients and its associations: a study protocol

Quantative Parameters Instruments Registered by
Patient level Frequency of PDU ATC classification codes Researchers
Appropriateness of PDU To be announced Researchers
Neuropsychiatric symptoms NPI-Q Nurse (web based)
Agitation and aggression CMAI Nurse (web based)
Other patient characteristics Case report file Researchers
Physician level Attitude to dementia care ADQ ECP (web based)
Nurse level Demographic characteristics Case report file ECP (web based)
Organizational culture CVFS Nurse (web based)
Physical environmental level. Workload/burnout SDC + Werkdruk (De Jonge) Nurse (web based)
Work satisfaction MAS-GZ Nurse (web based)
Attitude to dementia care ADQ Nurse (web based)
Demographic characteristics Case report file Nurse (web based)
Physical environment TESS-NH Researchers
Other DSCU characteristics Case report file Researchers
Attitudes and beliefs Relevant qualitative factors ECP Semi structured interview Researchers
  Relevant qualitative factors nurse Semi structured interview Researchers
  1. Psychotropic drug use (PDU), Anatomical Therapeutical Chemical (ATC), Neuropsychiatric Inventory- Questionnaire (NPI-Q), Cohen-Mansfield Aggression Inventory (CMAI), Approaches to Dementia Questionnaire (ADQ), Elderly Care Physician (ECP), Competing Values Framework Scale (CVFS), Strain in dementia Care (SDC), the Maastricht Work Satisfaction Scale for Healthcare ’Maastrichtse Arbeidssatisfactie Schaal voor de Gezondheiszorg’ (MAS-GZ), Therapeutic Environment Screening Survey for Nursing Homes (TESS-NH).