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Table 4 GHQ-28

From: The psychometric properties of the subscales of the GHQ-28 in a multi-ethnic maternal sample: results from the Born in Bradford cohort

Have you: Item retained for CFA
Subscale (A) Somatic  
1. Been feeling perfectly well and in good health? Yes
2. Been feeling in need of a good tonic? Yes
3. Been feeling run down and out of sorts? Yes
4. Felt that you are ill? Yes
5. Been getting any pains in your head? No
6. Been getting a feeling of tightness or pressure in your head? No
7. Been having hot or cold spells? No
Subscale (B) Anxiety and Insomnia  
8. Lost much sleep over worry? No
9. Had difficulty in staying asleep once you are off? No
10. Felt constantly under strain? Yes
11. Been getting edgy and bad-tempered? Yes
12. Been getting scared or panicky for no good reason? Yes
13. Found everything getting on top of you? Yes
14. Been feeling nervous or strung-up all the time? No
Subscale(C) Social dysfunction  
15. Been managing to keep yourself busy and occupied? Yes
16. Been taking longer over the things you do? Yes
17. Felt on the whole you were doing things well? Yes
18. Been satisfied with the way you’ve carried out your tasks? Yes
19. Felt you are playing a useful part in things? Yes
20. Felt capable of making decisions about things? No
21. Been able to enjoy your normal day-to-day activities? No
Subscale (D) Severe depression  
22. Been thinking of yourself as a worthless person? No
23. Felt that life is entirely hopeless? Yes
24. Felt that life isn’t worth living? Yes
25. Though of the possibility that you might make away with yourself? Yes
26. Found at times you couldn’t do anything because your nerves were too bad? Yes
27. Found yourself wishing you were dead and away from it all? No
28. Found that the idea of taking your own life kept coming into your mind? No