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Table 1 Summary of evidence-based recommendations for clozapine prescribing

From: Clozapine: a review of clinical practice guidelines and prescribing trends

Date Source Recommendation: clozapine to be prescribed or offered to patients   
   After failure of 2 adequate trials of 2 different AAs With suicidal thoughts or behaviours With persistent hostility and violent behaviours
2004 APA (US) [13] X   
2005 CPA (CAN) [14] X   
2007 TMAP (US) [15] X (SGAs considered first-line)   
2009 NICE (UK) [16] X (at least one of the drugs should be a non-clozapine SGA)   
2010 Schizophrenia PORT (US) [17] X X X
2010 CADTH [18] X   
2011 BAP (UK) [19] X   X
2013 PAP (US) [20] X (SGA, risperidone and olanzapine) considered first-line) X X
  1. Note: AA = antipsychotic agent, APA = American Psychiatric Association, BAP = British Association for Psychopharmacology, CADTH = Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technology in Health, CPA = Canadian Psychiatry Association, PAP = Psychopharmacology Algorithm Project, PORT = Patient Outcomes Research Team, TMPA = Texas Medication Algorithm Project.